Border Walls, Mass Murder and Non-Sequitur Solutions. As Long as We Can Talk Crazy

“Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.” – Of Mice and Men

The Washington Post reported on July 24th, 2015 that there had been 204 mass shootings in 204 days this year.

The murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, TV journalists in Roanoke, Virginia, last week on live TV, added to that statistic and buried the, same day, story of James Holmes‘ (the Colorado movie theater killer) sentencing to 3318 years in prison. A pessimist might say, “it could be worse” while a optimist could state, “it doesn’t get any worse than this.” Both statements are true. But what all of us can say in unison is “this is so sad.” It is numbing to the soul.


So the usual banter begins, yet again, of a group that believes the proof is in the pudding; we need more strict gun control. The other side professes the God given right to own a gun and that we need better laws in force to not let guns into the hands of mentally ill people. Each side gives compelling arguments with no room for compromise. I don’t know a particularly great answer. I love my freedom, and I detest anyone screwing with my rights.

As pathetic as it may be, there is a solution.

The facts are that in our techno-intrusive world, we know who the “bad guys” are. For example, web based databases identify registered sex offenders and other felons by neighborhood. The FBI and local law enforcement know who and where law breakers of any kind live. If you believe that the FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA, and local law enforcement agencies don’t know where the vast majority of criminals involved in human sex trafficking, pedophilia, and any other of the vilest form of human debasing creeps live and operate, you are naive.

If the Chinese military can hack into the Pentagon network to spy on us, and the Pentagon can infiltrate the Chinese government network, law enforcement surely knows who the “bad guys” are.

So as long as we have “crazies,” whom law enforcement knows, roaming the streets, who happen to own guns and are prepared to kill targeted individuals or worse yet, randomly kill strangers, let’s make it count. I mean, let’s show them how to take out the really bad people, instead of just shocking us with random, senseless murder.

Certainly, pedophiles or rapists have places they hang together, don’t they?

Tell the wacko, vengeful crazies where the next pedophile convention takes place. Let’s arm them with information about the horrible people and where to find them all in one place. Then let them loose with their god given, rightfully owned assault weapons. They might be doing us all a favor. It’s a “win-win” scenario. They kill the creeps and the police storm in before it’s all over, and kill the wacko.

Whatever we are doing now doesn’t seem to be working. Today’s televised crime scenes and solutions are dystopian. So the movie theater killer gets sentenced to 3318 years for the crimes. Do you think the guys who are planning the next mass shootings will be deterred by the fear of three thousand years? In other words, draconian solutions don’t enlighten the minds of the mentally ill and sociopaths.

Perhaps the most efficient solution is to build walls at the borders of the United States and keep everyone out during the next, yet to be named, American Dynasty.

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