Welcome to the fourth day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS!


.Today, author Sharon Belknap is here. Sharon and I have been friends for about eight years. When I found out she was a writer, I was astounded because she’s one of those people who seems to do everything: crafts, photography, composing music, interior designing. She’s always stylish. She’s super nice. Plus, plus, plus, she has eight kids AND a clean house. So…yeah.

Sharon and I swap manuscripts, which means she’s read my stuff early on when it’s ugly and confusing. Yet, she makes comments that are not only helpful, but don’t tear out my soul. 🙂 I really value her insight. (And her book is awesome, btw. It’s a time-travel romance. I can’t wait to see in print someday.)

Last September, Sharon drove across the country with me to attend the first ever LDStorymaker’s Midwest Writer’s Conference in Kansas City, Missouri…

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