The Best Time to Post a New Blog Article

“My mind is like a plastic bag.” ~ X-Ray Spex

Scanning through Twitter this morning, I saw a tweet about the best time to post a new article. I, like all of you, am always looking for more “reads.” Of course I saw the tweet just as I had hit refresh. Only the cyber Gods know how many tweets loaded at that point and the article was lost. I don’t have time to search for one tweet out of hundreds.

English: The content of tweets on Twitter, bas...

English: The content of tweets on Twitter, based on the data gathered by Pear Analytics in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took it on and googled “the best time to post blog articles.”

Below are links to a few articles about the subject that I found interesting. However, it is amazing that there is no set pattern for the best time. Yes, I want someone to spoon feed me the magic potion, but some of the pieces speak in such general terms that it is impossible to learn anything of value while others assume we are all software engineers and think in algorithms.

The most important lesson I learned is this: just post on a regular basis. Nobody really knows for sure when and why people will read a blog article save it be an interest in the subject matter.

Does anyone have any better information?

Happy blogging!

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